Quick Start Guide

Thank you for downloading Total Return! We hope you find it a valuable tool in tracking your investments.

To help you get started, the app offers tips and hints on every screen - tap the black bar at the bottom of a screen to open them. Once you get comfortable with the app you may turn off these on the Settings screen.

The app has several screens - Total, Portfolios, Stocks, Trades, and Settings on iPhone/iPod. iPad presents the same information slightly differently. The Total screen on iPhone/iPod or the left part of Portfolios screen on iPad provides the overview of your investments. There you will see the overall value of your investments (and how much it changed today), your overall total return, and CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate).

In order for the app to calculate performance of your investments you need to enter data about your investments. The app organizes your investments into portfolios of positions. A position represents a stock in the portfolio. The same stock may appear in several portfolios. Start with registering your stocks on the Stocks screen. Then create a portfolio on the Portfolios screen. Tapping on a portfolio will let you see the portfolio's positions. There you can add more positions by tapping the + button and selecting one of the previously registered stocks. Tapping on a position will let you view its trades. To add trades, tap the + button. Once you enter trades, go back to the Total screen to see how your investments perform.

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