Recording a stock split

From time to time stocks split. If one day you see that the value of one of your stocks plummeted (or soared) without showing a significant change in the stock price, chances are the stock has split (or reverse-split). Here's how to record a split in Total Return.

As an example, we will walk through the steps to record the 7:1 stock split that happened to Apple stock (AAPL) on June 9, 2014.

To record a stock split, navigate to the trades screen (Trades tab on iPhone, or rightmost toolbar button on iPad). Tap the Edit button and then then + button when it appears. Tap the Split segment at the top. Choose the portfolio and position. Choose June 9, 2014 as the date. The app will fill in the number of shares you have. Enter 7 in 'split to' field and enter 1 to 'from' field. The app will calculated the new number of shares in 'after' field. You screen should look like shown below. Tap Done to record the trade.


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